Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The heat processing effects on food nutrient

In contrast to food irradiation, heat treatment has been used in the preparation of foods for millennia. As a consequence of its long history of use, heat treatment has achieved a high degree of acceptability and its effects have been subjected to less scrutiny.

The net effect of food processing on product quality is positive. The nutritive value of foods may be improved by an increased in nutrient content and/or digestibility of food component.

Heat processing increases the digestibility of starch and protein by gelatinization and denaturation, respectively and it increases the bioavailability of niacin which is present in many cereals in a bound form.

However, excessive heat treatment increases the amount of resistant starch, which lowers digestible energy but contributes to the fermentable soluble dietary fiber that reaches the hind gut.

Heating in the presence of alkali usually lowers lysine availability.
The heat processing effects on food nutrient

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