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Calcium's Role in Bone and Teeth

The optimal health and strength of human bones rely on a balanced diet and a continuous supply of essential nutrients, with special emphasis on the significance of calcium and Vitamin D.

Calcium assumes the responsibility of constructing, shaping, and maintaining bones and teeth. This function plays a critical role in reducing the occurrence of osteoporosis. Beyond its role in reinforcing dental and skeletal structures, calcium also carries importance for the body's blood vessels, muscles, and bodily fluids.

For infants and young children, calcium is essential for the development of sturdy teeth and bones, while adults require it to support strong teeth and a solid skeletal framework. Inadequate calcium intake leads to weakened bones and more fragile, porous teeth. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the American population fails to meet the recommended calcium intake.

Osteoporosis doesn't solely affect bones; it can also impact teeth by weakening the jawbone. This condition raises concerns for oral health due to its potential to develop in the jawbones, leading to tooth loss. As bone mineralization and density decrease, the risk of periodontal disease increases.

All of these issues can be avoided by obtaining adequate calcium, either through dietary sources or supplementation, which in turn can provide protection and reinforcement to teeth. People can achieve the recommended daily calcium intake by incorporating a nutritious diet that includes a variety of calcium-rich foods. Dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese stand out as primary sources of calcium. Other foods rich in calcium include:
~Leafy greens like kale, broccoli, and Chinese cabbage (bok choy)
~Fish with soft bones such as sardines and salmon
~Various types of bread, pasta, and grains
~Calcium-fortified cereals, juices, and beverages

Calcium from food makes its way through the body alongside other nutrients, eventually reaching the bone marrow. From there, it is transported to the teeth and integrated into the enamel. Consequently, calcium plays a pivotal role in maintaining both skeletal and dental health.
Calcium's Role in Bone and Teeth

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