Monday, August 29, 2016

Most widely used flavoring extract

Vanilla extract is perhaps the most widely used flavoring extract. Other flavoring extracts include lemon, lime, orange, almond, cinnamon, clove and berries.

Vanilla is one extract for which the US Federal Government has issued standards of identity. These specifications give requirements for vanilla extract, concentrated vanilla extract, vanilla flavor, concentrated vanilla flavoring, vanilla-vanillin extract, vanilla-vanillin flavor, vanilla powder and vanilla-vanillin powder.

One of the largest groups of flavors is spices. Spices have been used in food for a very long time.

They contain essential oils, which contributed toward the fine aroma. In addition, many of them have pungency or hotness, which gives piquancy to the food.

Barley extract is widely used as a browning and flavoring agent by the baking industry. It is sold in both powdered and liquid forms mostly to cereal and bread companies. It gives a malt flavor to breakfast cereals.
Most widely used flavoring extract
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