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Health benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice, derived from the bark of several trees belonging to the Cinnamomum genus that is well-known among kitchens and chefs around the world.

It is small evergreen tree 10-15 m tall with greenish flowers and has been known since antiquity.

Among the health benefits of cinnamon are:
*Cinnamon help blood sugar control. Cinnamon is showing promise as a way to prevent and counteract the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, having a beneficial effect on glucose levels and insulin sensitivity.

*Can have favorable effects on brain function and memory

*Cinnamon can prevent the spread and growth of cancer cells

*Soothes the stomach, and may help prevent ulcers

*Suppresses the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections and the fungus associated with yeast infections

*Reduces cholesterol levels – in particular, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides without affecting HDL cholesterol. These all reduce risk factors for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The studies show that as little as a quarter teaspoon per day can significantly lower the cholesterol.

*Cinnamon improves circulation, thins blood and aids in weight control

*It helps arthritis by improving blood circulation and has a warming effect that people with arthritis feel eases their symptoms. It was said that one cup of hot water with two spoons of honey and one table spoon of cinnamon powder, if taken regular even chronic arthritis can be cured.

More studies demonstrated that compounds found in cinnamon improve the function of insulin, functions as antioxidants, anti –inflammatory agents an may be neuroprotective.

Cinnamon’s unique health benefits come from three basic constituents in the essential oil in its bark. The main constituent of cinnamon bark is cinnamon oil, which contain mainly cinnamic acid, cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic alcohol.
Health benefits of cinnamon

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