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Cranberries fruit

The cranberry is a native American fruit. Its native range extends in temperate climate zones from the East Coast to the Central U. S. and Canada and from Southern Canada in the north to the Appalachians in the south.

Cranberry fruit are true berries that are borne on short vertical uprights from the trailing stems of the cranberry plant. Fruit set occurs in late June and fruit reach maturity by mid September through early November depending on cultivar, season, and location.

Fresh cranberry fruit quality is based on color, size, and texture. Fruit should have intense red color, surface shine, uniform size, good firmness, and freedom from defects. The flesh should be creamy white.

Fruit ripening is primarily determined by anthocyanin formation that gives the fruit a dark red color. Ripening appears to be initiated by a combination of environmental factors including accumulation of growing degree days, photoperiod, and light exposure.

Cranberry fruits are grown mainly for processing purposes, but in the U.S., strong markets for fresh fruit exist for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. In addition to the traditional aspects of cranberry consumption, health benefits of the fruit have become increasingly important.

The majority of human studies have focused on cranberry’s effect on urinary tract health. In addition, research has explored the impact of cranberries on cardiovascular disease, cancer prevention, oral health, glycemic response, and infections such as by Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria, a cause of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.
Cranberries fruit

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