Monday, January 8, 2018

Soft drinks of Pepsi Cola

In the 1890s, in New Bern, North Carolina, a pharmacist name Caleb D Braham experimented with extracts of coca leaves, kola nuts and sugar. One beverage base on kola nut extract was first name Brad’s drink, but by August 28, 1898, he christened the new drink Pepsi-Cola.
It was successful and its sales encouraged Braham to incorporate the Pepsi Cola-Company in 1902. Pepsi-Cola was the first to use skywriting as advertisement medium. This new advertising campaign helped to increase Pepsi sales an make consumers more aware of the big nickel drinks.

By 1905, demand for Pepsi-Cola had increase so much that Braham decided it was time to offer Pepsi-Cola for sale in bottles. To facilitate the sale of Pepsi-Cola in bottles Braham issue the first of many franchise agreements. Soon the name of Pepsi-Cola was known throughout the southeastern United States. In 1941, Pepsi-Cola shares were first listed in the New York Stock Exchange.
Pepsi-Cola has regularly expanded its operation by acquiring other companies. For instance, in 1998 it acquired Tropical Products, makers of a variety of fruit juices.

Today, Pepsi-Cola is considered to be a total beverage company selling everything from Pepsi-Cola to iced tea. The dream of Caleb Braham, to sell the public a refreshing drink, continues.
Soft drinks of Pepsi Cola
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